Target iOS 14 users with these simple steps!

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Wondering how to target iOS 14 users? Here's the 411!

With the new update, Apple users are allowed to opt out of tracking! That is a great step for protecting privacy of it's users, but where does that leave marketers? Marketers, like us, are facing lower conversion rates and lower return on ads spent.

Initially Facebook was tracking almost all events on a website through Facebook Pixel. Now with the update, Facebook is not allowed to do the same anymore. They came with a solution called Aggregated Event Management (AEM). This basically tracks iOS 14 users who OPTED OUT but with only specified targets. You can have up to 8 standard events defined on your domain and ONLY those will be tracked by Aggregated Event Management.

In Facebook Ads Manager, you can define your 8 standard events for your domain. What is a standard event you might ask. Here's a list of all of the standard events Facebook allows you to track.

  1. Submit Application

  2. View Content

  3. Subscribe

  4. Start Trail

  5. Search

  6. Schedule

  7. Purchase

  8. Lead

  9. Initiate Checkout

  10. Customize Product

  11. Find Location

  12. Donate

  13. Contact

  14. Complete Registration

  15. Add to Wishlist

  16. Add to Cart

  17. Add Payment Information

Before you get started with Facebook Ads Manager to deal with Apple Software Update, here are somethings you need to remember.

  • Verify your business domain in Business Manager

  • Priorities up to 8 standard events

  • Bring potential customers off Facebook to your domain

  • Invest in organic reach, like SEO Strategies, Social Content

  • Use multiple platforms for reporting and get a clearer picture

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